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The Mighty Angus



     The Mighty Angus is a true professional wrestler. While Angus is a newcomer to the AWF he has been in the business for many years.  Angus was trained by Eddie Sharkey "the trainer of champions."  Sharkey's "Mr. Torture Wrestling Camp" is located in Minneapolis, MN and has trained superstars such as Gov. Jesse Ventura, Bob Backlund, Rick Rude, The Road Warriors, and the Warlord.  To complete Sharkey's program takes guts and determination, of which Angus has both.  Angus has been competing professionally since 1997.  Angus was imported from the north by the PWO to serve as a bodyguard for Sledge.  This master of mayhem has been wreaking havoc up and down the east coast since making his way to the Georgia area.  A self-proclaimed instigator, he backs down from no one.  Angus has been known to incite the fans so much, that riots have broken out, forcing police to escort him from the ring.  Angus expresses total disregard for the south, its traditions, and any thing it stands for!  His favorite saying is "If the south woulda' won, we'd all live in trailer parks!"  Angus was a standout high school football player and was awarded a scholarship to the University of Wisconsin as a defensive tackle.  Angus was kicked out of the university one year later for "uncontrollable behavior" after he powerbombed the Dean.  Prior to joining the professional wrestling ranks, Angus won 2 Illinois state tough-man contests and competed in 2 shoot fights, sustaining a broken shoulder blade in the last one.  Angus studied Twae Kwon Do for 7 years, earning one black belt.  This giant will resort to any dirty tactic to pull out a win, he prefers brawling to anything, but can grapple with the best.  Mighty Angus has outstanding wrestling skills, but rarely uses them as he prefers to just beat people down.  Angus has held many titles from MN to WI and more recently in the south, but says he doesn't care much about titles---he just wants to whoop some ass!  Angus was called to the PWO to take care of business and that is his future plans!  The man-monster hates Mr. E and everything he stands for, redneck hillbillies.  Angus believes that stupid people shouldn't breed, and if more people believed as him the south would be empty.